Mintsoft Ordering Process

To place an order via Mintsoft use the Input New Order link in the left sidebar

Simply add the quantity you require of each product in the quantity box and click the Add To Cart button

Please note:

You will need to add each SKU separately, there is currently no option to add multiple SKU’s at once.

All stock levels are listed as single items rather than cases / packs.

Once you have added all of the items to your order click the Complete Order button.

You can use the Post Code Lookup tool to generate address details or you can simply type these in the address fields below.

Please make sure the Auto Generate Order Number button is toggled to On

You can add your own External Order Reference if required.

We require either First Name & Last Name fields entered or a Company Name

Phone number and email address are required fields.

Courier Service Dropdown – Please use this to select the delivery method:

  • For palletised deliveries please select HEDGPAL
  • For courier deliveries via Hedges courier account please select MNTDHLND
  • For courier orders being sent by your own / a customers courier service please select OWNCOLLE
  • OWNCOLLE can also be used for any palletised order that you have arranged transport for.

Please add a Required Delivery Date

Click Create Order to create order on the system.